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Activities and Services

L’Antr’Aidant’s activities focus on 3 main areas:

  • individual, group and collective psychosocial support;
  • information and heightened awareness;
  • coaching and training.

In addition to individual psychosocial support, L’Antr’Aidant offers a range of training courses, conferences and workshops.

These activities offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, develop new skills and explore practical strategies for dealing with the specific challenges you face. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to help you take better care of yourself and your loved one.

Psychosocial reception and information line 7 days a week

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579 888-0211, ext. 0,  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
• Support
• Information and registration for activities
• Referrals

Personalized and local individual psychosocial support

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Local, personalized, individual psychosocial support, continuously adapted to the needs of caregivers. The activity is offered in the format and location chosen by the caregiver.

This activity is designed to meet the need:

  • to be listened to without judgment;
  • to be guided, equipped and focused on the individual’s personal reality of the caregiver;
  • to be recognized for their skills and expertise;
  • to be supported in their choices and respected in their rhythm;
  • to be informed and guided to the right resources when needed;
  • for any other needs expressed by the caregiver.
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Support groups

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Group psychosocial support is defined by:

  • the open nature of our intake process, which allows us to welcome new caregivers throughout the year;
  • the weekly frequency of our meetings, which maintains close support;
  • quarterly thematic programming created FOR, BY AND WITH caregivers;
  • the weekly frequency of meetings offers the opportunity to develop a reassuring and supportive social safety net with peers experiencing a similar reality.

Groups are offered in regional cities :


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Virtual support groups

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Clic.Aidant allows caregivers to:

  • be listened to without judgment;
  • share their experience and expertise with caregivers who are going through a similar experience;
  • be equipped with practical tools to adapt to the various challenges of the caregiving process;
  • be part of a community of caregivers, beyond atypical schedules and distance.

Groups are available all over the region.

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Caregiver coaching

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Caregiver coaching is offered in 1 to 4 sessions, spread out over time according to the needs and availability of the caregiver. It gives you the tools you need to deal with the reality of being a caregiver.

Caregivers who wish to take part in coaching activities may experience:

  • incomprehension in the face of puzzling behaviour (e.g., agitation during meals, dressing, sleep cycle inversion, etc.);
  • communication difficulties;
  • discomfort when accompanying activities of daily living;
  • (e.g. resistance to getting into the car for medical appointments, physical agitation, repetitive behaviour (perseveration) and anxiety when going out, etc.);
  • challenges related to accessibility to services and navigating the health and social services system.
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Conferences and awareness activities

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Collective intervention is a means of achieving social transformation, and is aimed at a variety of community players. It can be used to raise awareness in a variety of settings, through workshops or interactive activities of various kinds.

Here are some of the themes of conferences organized in collaboration and complementarity with various organizations:

    • Me, a caregiver?
    • Communicating differently with my loved one
    • Adapting to bereavement
    • Three-beat waltz
    • Where is my exhaust-o-metre located?
    • Asking for help – how to go about it
    • Understanding the links between my needs and my emotions


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