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Our mission

To improve living conditions for caregivers assisting sick, vulnerable adults and/or seniors living with a loss of physical and/or cognitive autonomy.

L’Antr’Aidant’s mission is to help improve living conditions for caregivers of adults and seniors throughout the Laurentians by:

offering a place where caregivers can obtain information, referrals, support and accompaniment matching their unique situations;
offering an attentive ear and suggesting ways to break the isolation of caregivers;
sharing and enhancing caregivers’ knowledge and skills through formative awareness-raising activities;
encouraging and supporting the participation of caregivers in the organization’s mission and decision-making;
promoting mutual aid and support among the caregiver community and encouraging recruitment of volunteers;
raising awareness of the reality of caregivers among health and social services professionals, public authorities and the general public.

“Because there are only four types of people in this world:

  • Those who have been caregivers;
  • Caregivers;
  • Those who will be caregivers;
  • Those who need a caregiver!”

Rosalynn Carter

Vision, Values and Guiding Principles


To become an essential partner and leader in the field of caregiver support for adults and seniors in Quebec.


Courage, benevolence, solidarity, creativity, power to act

Our guiding principles:

  • Caregivers are the experts within their reality and must be considered accordingly;
  • Caring for our caregivers is a responsibility that belongs to the entire community;
  • Aging and caregiving are realities that need to be addressed with and by all generations;
  • À L’Antr’Aidant – The popularization, democratization and accessibility of information and content to be shared with the caregiver community constitute essential criteria for updating our activities.