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Taking care of yourself means bravely sowing the seeds of a caring environment!

Our mission

Improving living conditions for caregivers of adults who are ill, in vulnerable situations and/or seniors living with a loss of physical and/or cognitive autonomy.

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Are you a caregiver?

  • I’m concerned about the aging process, the illness or loss of autonomy of a loved one.
  • I’m worried about the health of someone close to me.
  • I feel responsible when faced with the vulnerability or loss of autonomy of a loved one.
  • I sometimes feel overwhelmed and confronted by the challenges caused by the physical and cognitive aging of a loved one.
  • I feel the need to be understood, well-informed and supported in my reality.

You are a caregiver!

A caregiver is any person who, on an ongoing or occasional basis, provides significant support to a family member who has a temporary or permanent disability and with whom he or she shares an emotional bond, as a family member or otherwise. The support is offered on a non-professional basis, in an informal setting and regardless of the age, living environment or nature of the family member’s disability, whether physical, psychological, psychosocial or other. It can take various forms, such as transportation, help with personal care and housekeeping, emotional support or coordination of care and services. Source

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